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What do the businessmen wear?

I’m a Grandma so I’m not an expert in this. I have a good education in color, though.


Generally, if you have one or two suits, it is a navy one and/or a grey one. You can use the jacket with different pants and vice versa. It is easy to find a shirt and tie to match. A lighter grey or light blue is nice for summer but for a warm skintoned person a suit in tan or something in that family is very nice. As for brown and green suits or outfits mixing brown with grey, some men pull that off well and some don’t. Some people have a natural instinct for what goes well together and even know which shade of a color to use. If you wear the wrong colors for your coloring, (skin tone, hair color and sometimes eye color), you may look pale or sickly. I could go into detail and use words that only a few people know on this but if you are interested in more detail, there are books on this. In an attempt to simplify it, your coloring either has cool or warm tones in it, some, a paler tone and some a stonger one, not necessarily darker. For example, redheads or golden blondes would typically have warm skintones as would a more deeply toned, possibly freckled redhead so their best clothing colors are the warmer colors on the color spectrum and the warm version of those colors. The paler warm toned person is better off with warm toned pastels and toned down versions of the warm colors and should they venture into cool colors, they should wear the warm version of that. For example, a warm green with yellow in it as opposed to turquoise, but if they opt for turquoise, it is better than blue. The stronger, more vibrant warm tones can wear brighter warm colors without it overpowering them and making them look washed out. Browns, tans, and creams are warm and grey and stark white are cool, by the way. I am a cool toned person but lightskinned. My hair is not golden blonde but more ashy which is cooler in color, so I will be overpowered by an overly vibrant purple, even though purple is one of my “cool” colors. A toned down version of it, like periwinkle, lilac, lavender and heather would be perfect. If I wear gold, mustard or orange near my face, I really do look sick. A lot of cool toned people have the more dramatic stronger “cool” coloring. They often have black hair. They can wear bright blues, purples and greens. Reds are good on them too but not a purplish red. People of color sometimes are very dark with a beautiful blue tinge. They also fall into this category. Men should keep this in mind with their shirts, ties, scarves, hats, eyeglasses, phone cases and even their water bottles, which sometimes become accessories. Cool coloring will go better with a grey or black phone case than a brown or tan one.


When you have varying activities in a day, it may be better to bring clothes in a bag or in your car. As with women, aside from a suit, when in doubt, wear a jacket. In weather that is too hot for a jacket, wear a nice shirt and pack a fresh shirt, tie, socks and nice shoes… maybe with the polish. A watch and hat or nice baseball cap might complete your outfit nicely.

I know a man who comes to meetings in a dramatically patterned shirt with bright colors, shorts on the long side, a neck chain and very nice shoes. He is perfectly groomed, physically fit, and confident. He pulls it off.

Accessories on hand, What does a business owner wear?, Your accessories need to be accessible

Here comes Spring

Decide what look you want for various occasions. There are some very strong vibrant colors in the clothing lines this Spring that may or may not be right for you. You are always better off sticking with colors that fit well with your complexion and coloring.  If you want to wear a color that overpowers you, at least break it up with other pieces so you don’t see that color from neck to toe or even neck to knees.

Now get the accessories that go well with your Spring wardrobe out for easy access.

What does a business owner wear?

Your outfit speaks for you

Dress strong and smart and uniquely yourself!
She is strong, smart and knows what she wants. She says she is going to marry Batman.

When I need to negotiate a deal, I don’t wear pink lace.

I was going to suggest outfits to suit various occasions but I think that says it all.

There is a time and place for yellow with black and white stripes.